Employee Productivity Monitoring System

Monitor employee activities such as stocking, cleaning, customer serving, etc from the live camera feed. The system generates productivity reports of employees by analyzing how much time they have spent on each activity.
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Background and Scope

Our client was an American retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets in the US geography. They wanted to upgrade CCTV observation into an employee monitoring system. The client wanted us to integrate a video surveillance system that can track the employee’s real-time work efforts 24/7 and allows managing and allocating task load to each working staff.

The client engaged SoftmaxAI, an artificial intelligence development company to develop a computer vision technology that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning techniques to derive and interpret meaningful information from CCTV videos.

Our approach

The objective was to develop a smart camera with an AI system that can visualize the work in real-time and provide informative analysis to track staff progress. To magnify the yield, we have developed a monitoring system.

Employee monitoring system is a unique evolution towards increasing the productivity and the growth of the firm. Nowadays most retail operators are showing their interest in computer vision technology to transform both customer and employee experiences. Going forward, it is anticipated that 40 per cent of the retailers will implement this technology by 2023.

To elaborate, the CCTV records precise employee movements and activities on the screen from a centralized location. Employee’s activity such as cumulative time spent at the cash counter, arranging the products, cleaning, etc. is recorded in the system on regular basis. The system generates a detailed report which is used by the client to increase the productivity and maintain the systematic workflow.

In addition to this, the system also monitors the customer’s movement in the store which allows managing working hours accordingly. Further, this system can also be modified to use in different working sectors based on the client’s requirements.

A computer vision software development company can help you to applied Computer Vision Technology to a range of business and industrial applications, from counting cars in the parking areas to monitoring gadgets in retail stores or spotting defects in the production line.