Case Study

Algo-trading AI software forecasts the share market movements by analyzing time series data using deep learning technique. It enables ML models to create the automated strategies that will generate buy or sell signal for the given share.
Forecasting Share Market Movements
AI system predicts the well-being score of students by analysing various surveys, insights from their study, no of times students take support, etc.
Predict Student’s Emotional States of Mind
Monitor employee activities such as stocking, cleaning, customer serving, etc from the live camera feed. The system generates productivity reports of employees by analyzing how much time they have spent on each activity.
Employee Productivity Monitoring System
We have developed software using Augmented Reality that reflects different designs of floor tiles on the user’s device in a few simple steps replacing the traditional trial and error method.
Tiles Preview using Augmented Reality
IoT device consists of raspberry pi and a camera, detect the human fall in real-time. It helps family members to get the alert when a loved one has fallen down.
Human Fall Detection
Educational purpose AI system prepares the question bank from the given text of a paragraph. The form of input text can be extracted from image, video and speech.
Automated Question Generation System
Recommendation Engine, catering to the real-estate portal that helped users to find best property based on their taste and requirements.
Property Recommendation Engine