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Utilizing our AI-based solution in your business help in increasing productivity, efficiency, and decision-making.

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When you engage with a custom AI development company for an AI consulting service, you become aware of the many possibilities that you can avail of by deploying AI-based solutions in your business.

With our range of custom AI development services, we have influenced various industrial verticals
such as healthcare, banking, food, eCommerce, and more.

SoftmaxAI, the best artificial intelligence development company in India, provides you a range of custom AI development services, from developing an AI strategy blueprint to deploying sophisticated AI solutions. All, to help you step up towards the end goal of your business.

Our Custom AI Development Consulting Roadmap

AI Strategy

Validate the viability of implementing AI in your business. Examine the data that is currently accessible and it’s potential for monetization.

Validate AI Projects

Verify or refute theories. In a few weeks, we deliver dependable, quick MVP solutions.

AI Deployment

Implementing AI means using algorithms and models to assist your company’s production systems and provide insights in real time.

Support & Maintenance

We offer assistance to our clients with validation, quality assurance, and system reliability.

Post-Implementation Service

We assure you that using our AI systems will be beneficial and accurate for you.

Our Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Explore a complete horizon of Artificial Intelligence services at SoftmaxAI.

Computer Vision

With our computer vision services, we help get maximum data from your images and videos. This AI-based technology has a tremendous impact on the industrial sectors of eCommerce, healthcare, security, and more. Our AI consultants may help you determine the best plan to integrate computer vision solutions into your system.

Deep Learning

The best thing about machine learning is the ability of the system to learn and become more effective as it is more and more utilised. It is similar to the human trait of practising and learning. We develop the most disciplined deep learning models that can work effectively without the need for manual direction.

Chatbot Development

Whether you want to be available to your customers all the time or you want to automate mundane tasks, a chatbot has become a fundamental component of most modern applications. It reduces the cost of setting up a customer care unit while increasing your availability. Our chatbot development services will ensure effectiveness and positive outcomes for your business.

Data Preparation & ML Model Development

Raw data is challenging to comprehend. Hence, SoftmaxAI’s team processes data through auditing, cleaning, and labelling so you can have an abundance of quality data. As a renowned AI software development company, we deliver holistic AI solutions.

Natural Language Processing

The key to success in the present business scenario is customer satisfaction. To achieve so, businesses are investing heavily in technology. Natural Language Processing is an AI and deep learning technology that processes user queries to comprehend its interest so you can provide the most relevant solutions and in turn give pleasant experiences.

Recommendation Engine

Consumers today want solutions, fast! And to help them with it while also increasing your cart value, recommendation engines are quintessential. With our recommendation engines you can increase your eCommerce sales and ensure customer satisfaction as well as retention at the same time.

Predictive Analysis

What good is data if not utilised? With Predictive Analysis, you can retrieve insightful patterns and trends that help in making futuristic business decisions. Your historic data behold the future of your business. It is this data that we dive deep into to process it and extract trends, patterns and insights that help you make decisions for your business strategies.

AI-Based Application development

Utilising sophisticated technologies, we can assist you in developing products more intelligently. SoftmaxAI ML developers work hard to implement your product ideas to make everyone's daily routines increasingly straightforward, superior, wholesome, and secure.

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If frictionless technology is what you are looking for, then SoftmaxAI is your go-to. We could really depend on their AI application development services and consistently achieve the expected output.


If frictionless technology is what you are looking for, then SoftmaxAI is your go-to. We could really depend on their AI application development services and consistently achieve the expected output.