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Our highly advanced software assists in quickly analyzing resources, automating visual inspections, fast video and image processing, and deriving meaningful business insights.

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Computer Vision

The AI-based technology, computer vision, is a line of developing solutions to help you see your space through computers. It pertains to visual data analysis to identify or comprehend a situation, thing, or person and give the best possible solution.

We are a computer vision software development company, provides a broad range of computer
vision services and solutions that mitigate your particular requirements of businesses across
numerous industries. If you require video identification, image recognition, or other computer vision
service, our team of knowledgeable professionals has the skills to support you in accomplishing your

We can produce reliable solutions that give you a competitive edge in your business since our in-depth research and advanced technology power our computer vision solutions. We offer the resources and knowledge to realize your vision: computer vision for security, autonomous data collecting, or improved actionable insights.

Our Computer Vision Software Development Services


We may work with you to create a plan for implementing your image analysis project and examine the viability of employing computer vision algorithms to accomplish your intended business goals.

Data Processing

For max utilization of your computer vision solution, we process your unstructured data by augmenting data sets. Our data scientists will assist with your data analysis and offer guidance on developing a data strategy.


At SoftmaxAI, we offer a full spectrum of AI-based computer vision development services, including custom development. To ensure that your project is finished on time and under budget, our team of skilled computer vision developers will collaborate directly with you.

Custom Solutions

We assist you in creating bespoke image processing solutions or enhancing an already-existing computer vision system. We have a seasoned team who can execute the agile product development process.

Deployment and Support

After development, we help you integrate the system seamlessly with your existing one if it exists. Further, we provide you with ongoing support and maintenance service for the solution developed.

Our Computer Vision Capabilities

Segmentation of Images and Analysis

Our image segmentation services pertain to developing facial recognition solutions, extracting information from images, detecting and segmenting products from photos, etc. Our proven track record of creating efficient image-processing solutions has earned us a trusted stature.

Emotion Detection

Such a system is helpful for more prominent brands whose presence is omnichannel and has to preserve a positive brand image. It helps them understand the emotion of the users from the data coming from social media, reviews, videos, etc.

Video Analysis

Identify and extract information from a video format using ai algorithms to conduct video analysis and provide access to complete analytics, intelligent surveillance, and detailed search.

Image Labelling

SoftmaxAI’s computer vision services include identifying, tracking and labelling objects in images and videos. We, an image processing solution provider in India, develop these kinds of smart systems for surveillance environments, traffic systems, supermarkets, malls and more.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Simply put, it reads data from an image, print, scan or written document and transforms it into an understandable document quickly, accurately and effectively.

Visual Search

We build computer vision models that identify unique images with deep learning algos. Also, we can dig into massive data volumes to find similar objects.

Computer Vision Tools We Leverage

Frequently Asked

It is the study of training computers to extract data from images, videos and other forms of visual data. The algorithms we develop help computer systems achieve this functionality and make visual data more useful.
Utilizing computer vision technologies in business has several advantages, such as
  • Raising product standards.
  • Allowing improved customer and marketing insights.
  • Increasing safety.
  • Save time and resource with the automation of workflows.
Our computer vision specialists can assist you in incorporating computer vision into your current system and make sure that we carry out the integration without any issues owing to their expertise in working with a variety of different technologies.

Client Reviews


If frictionless technology is what you are looking for, then SoftmaxAI is your go-to. We could really depend on their AI application development services and consistently achieve the expected output.


If frictionless technology is what you are looking for, then SoftmaxAI is your go-to. We could really depend on their AI application development services and consistently achieve the expected output.