Machine Learning(AI) services by GCP

ML AI services by GCP

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides a comprehensive set of services in the domains of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These services encompass applications from various industries such as healthcare, banking, and finance.

ML/AI Services by GCP

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides a comprehensive set of services in the domains of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These services encompass applications from various industries such as healthcare, banking, and finance. GCP mainly provides the services under four use cases namely, Build with AI, Conversational AI, AI for documents, and AI for Industries. Let’s take a look at each of them in detail in the following sections.


Build with AI:

 Vertex AI:

This is a one-stop platform to build, train, and deploy ML models. It provides integrations with pretrained models through APIs in vision, natural language, video and so on. The workflow can also be easily customized and scaled using MLOps. Additionally, Vertex AI provides support for many popular frameworks such as PyTorch and TensorFlow.


This service eases the task of model building by providing the required technical expertise in machine learning, easy-to-interact GUI, and several options for customizing workflows. It has options for products related to sight, language, and structured data which assist in data annotations, support for large datasets, ease of deployment and scalability. Majorly, this service can save a lot of time for developers who want to build sophisticated models and have limited expertise.

⦁ AI Infrastructure:

It provides the necessary infrastructure to speed up the training of machine learning and deep learning models and in-built support to reduce the overall costs. This service provides high performance, GPUs, TPUs, and CPUs for training. The accelerators enable low cost inference and enhanced training performance.


Conversational AI:

⦁ Speech-to-Text:

This service converts speech to text in real time and it is offered in the form of API or on-prem. It utilizes domain-specific trained models and keywords to improve the accuracy of transcription.


This service converts text to speech in natural sounding voices. It has a provision of selecting voices from a set of more than 220 voices consisting of around 40 languages. Additionally, one can also compose a customized voice to stand out from other common voices and create a unique brand.

 Virtual Agents:

This conversational service is built to assist with the increasing demand of live agents. These agents are available 24/7 across multiple channels which helps to do away with the need of operating call centers.

⦁ Agent Assist:

These types of agents assist human agents during the calls and provide insights as well as guidance in real time.

Natural Language:

Using machine learning, this service analyzes and gives insights such as extraction, classification or sentiment of the unstructured text.

AI for Documents:

⦁ Translation:

The translation AI service enables fast and accurate translation of text from one language to another from a choice of more than 100 languages. One can also create language/domain specific models with minimal efforts. The service also provides a media translation API which provides real-time translation of audio.

Vision OCR:

This service reads and interprets text from an image be it handwritten or printed text. It can also perform classification and detection of objects. The mentioned tasks can also be performed on edge using the AutoML Vision Edge service.

⦁ Document AI Platform:

This is a unified API which provides solutions for documents right from the data preprocessing, evaluation to deployment. In addition to automating the workflows, the machine learning models help to gain insights on one’s document data and generate new value. There is also an availability of parsers for lending documents which automatically extract data from the forms and assign it to the relevant fields.

AI for Industries:

 Healthcare Natural Language:

The natural language API can also be leveraged to analyze and interpret unstructured medical documents. This service aids in automated knowledge extraction from medical documents in real time which can speed up the time involved in analysis by supporting the professionals.

Recommendations AI:

This service provides customized recommendations to the audience which helps in accelerating business for the companies. It captures the user behavior by means of state of the art machine learning models and provides on-demand optimisations in terms of metrics such as click-thru rates, conversions, revenue, and total revenue per visit.

⦁ Lending DocAI:

This service automates the mortgage document processing. It transforms the home loan experience by reducing the time required to obtain a loan to a few days and is hassle free for both borrowers and lenders. This package also consists of multiple specialized parsers for different kinds of forms such as 1003, 1040, and 1099 that automatically extracts information from various fields.

In this blog, we looked at the plethora of services available on the Google Cloud Platform for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The services cater to the requirements of multiple industries such as banking, healthcare, retail and many more and provide end-to-end automated workflows which can be easily used by the organizations. Consult the best AI development company in India, to avail these services.