Predict Student’s Emotional States of Mind

AI system predicts the well-being score of students by analysing various surveys, insights from their study, no of times students take support, etc.
Predict Student’s Emotional States of Mind

Background and Scope

Our client is an I.T. Company based in Australia. The client wanted to create a tool that can evaluate the child’s behaviour and provide a behavioural score. The analysed score helps the tutor in creating an appropriate action plan if he score is abnormal. Thus, wanted to develop a tool that helps in maintaining a healthy environment in the school along with fruitful benefits of academic growth.

The client engaged with SoftmaxAI, a custom AI development company to develop a behaviour analysing tool to enhance the performance of the students in schools by leveraging deep learning technology and assist them to work on their full potential.

Our approach

To construct such a tool, reasoning, planning, and executing strategies to capture momentary movements are necessary. Thereafter, it becomes easy to recognise the behaviour of the student from the records.

The Behaviour analysing tool is very effective for enhancing the student’s capability by providing a detailed report of the activities done by the student, hence alerting the faculties about the present condition of the student.

This tool captures the record of student behaviour at the moment it happens from the classroom to the cafeteria, to the hallway of the school. To analyse the behaviour, we have designed a questionnaire that tries to understand the mood of the student through their responses and from the study materials they prefer to read on our tool. The tool records the data and assign the average scores for important aspects like physical, mental, and emotional state of the student. A student’s behaviour history is extremely useful for the staff members or the admin and becomes invaluable during parents meeting to provide the exact stats about how the student is behaving.

Exceptionally, it alerts the teachers if the allotted scores go below the threshold, so that further counselings can be done. It is an extremely beneficial tool, as it records different activities and provides information about the mental state of the student, and helps to maintain the positivity in the school. This tool became immensely useful in the situations especially like a pandemic when the interaction between the teachers and the students was almost negligible.