Predictive Analytics Consulting Services

Our aim of predictive analytics consulting is to make accurate predictions through the enablement of statistical analysis and AI-driven techniques.

predictive analytics consulting

Improve your Business Performance With Insights from Predictive Data Analysis

Predictive data analysis is that power that gives you the ability to gain insights into the future for the purpose of making informed decisions based on the data that is collected and SoftmaxAI is a Predictive Analytics Consulting firm where you get the ability to access this power! Predictive data analysis includes analyzing click-through rates, user demographics, device type, location, and other factors to predict which pages or services users are most likely to engage with.

At SoftmaxAI, we have the technology and experience to elevate your business performance using predictive analysis to optimize your website design, content, and market strategies for customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention. We offer customized solutions and strategies using data analysis to elevate your business to new heights.

Our Approach on Productive Data Analytics

Define the Problem

The team at SoftmaxAI fully comprehends the problem statement for Predictive Analytics Consulting as it helps in focusing on the relevant data sources and variables essential for the analysis.

Data Extraction

The second step involves gathering all the data needed for the analysis. It involves collecting data from various sources, cleaning and transforming it, and finally merging them in data sets as required.

Exploratory Data Analysis

After the data extraction, the skilled team of SoftmaxAI explores and visualizes the data to comprehend the characteristics, patterns, and relationships among the different variables. It involves data profiling, summary statistics, and visualization techniques.

After the exploration, the most significant variables are shortlisted based on expert knowledge, statistical significance, and machine learning algorithms.

Data Modelling

Now that we have a list of significant variables, we move on to selecting the most appropriate predictive model to compare the performance metrics like accuracy, precision and recall. This model is then trained to the available data for tuning hyperparameters and optimising performance. Finally, the model is evaluated using the test data for sensitivity, accuracy, robustness, and stability.


The final step as responsible predictive analytics consulting firm is the deployment of the trained model into the production environment to generate predictions and insights on new data. This step also involves integrating the model with a software application, a database, or a dashboard.


We at SoftmaxAI are very meticulous in our work and don’t just leave the project after deployment. Our team is available 24×7 for maintenance and support to ensure accuracy and relevance over time.

Our Predictive Data Analytics Services

Predictive Analytics Consulting

We have a team of skilled consultants ready to assist you in determining the potential of your ML product and how predictive data analytics can help you in improving and enrich it.

Machine Learning Model Development

Our in-house team of experienced machine learning engineers and data science experts assist you in creating automated models that address your business needs efficiently.

Predictive Analytics Software Development

SoftmaxAI can help you create an advanced and innovative custom solution based on a proprietary model, making the development process easier and less expensive.

Tool and Technology We Use

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Client Reviews


Collaborating with SoftmaxAI for predictive data analysis helped us cross many hurdles and manage our business more efficiently. It is definitely a long-term partnership.


Choosing SoftmaxAI for our predictive analytics consulting needs proved to be a game-changing choice for optimizing and expanding our business.


SoftmaxAI’s predictive analytics consulting services empowered us to harness the valuable insights buried within our data, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and success.

    Frequently Asked

    Predictive analytics technology is important as it helps businesses and organizations to make informed decisions by gaining data-driven insights, recognizing patterns, and anticipating future outcomes. It helps the decision makers to optimize strategies and resources to enhance the outcome.

    Predictive analytics helps businesses act proactively and avert unfavourable situations. Business people may utilize predictive analytics for efficient customer analysis, churn prediction, inventory management, crop yield prediction, predictive maintenance, fraud detection in warranty claims, unusual transaction identification, and other uses. A data-driven technology efficient business is better equipped to deal with market volatility.

    There is no definite cost for a predictive analytics project as every project has different requirements. You can contact us with your data and after analyzing the vision, complexity, and data available, we will get back to you with a quote.