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SoftmaxAI offers to devise your strategy for GCP migration or cloud-native development and enable the cost-effective use of your GCP-based infrastructure.

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Level up your Business Performance With our Google Cloud Services

Manual scaling, configuration, monitoring and management will put an unnecessary strain on employees in an era when artificial intelligence is at your disposal. GCP is a comprehensive cloud platform that offers an impressive array of services to aid you in building, deploying and managing your business applications and services in the cloud.

As a reputed Google cloud consultant in India, we can leverage the GCP services efficiently to improve your business performance, create new revenue streams, reduce business risks and enhance your business scalability. At SoftmaxAI, we have the experience and knowledge to create comprehensive strategies and develop solutions that maximize your return on GCP investments.

Our Development Approach

Audit and Assessment

To create working strategies and solutions, the first requirement is to understand the existing environment clearly. Our experts gather information, diagnose the existing IT setup to assess the GCP ecosystem requirements, and then draft a roadmap for a cloud journey.



After getting the roadmap ready and discussing the same with you, our professionals get to work on developing the solutions in GCP. After the development, the application is tested and fine-tuned for the next step.


After development, the next step is deployment. As a responsible GCP cloud consultant in India, our firm utilises the CI/CD pipeline for deploying the solutions by leveraging the auto-scaling and resiliency, implementing the GCP Devtools while exploring the Docker and Microservices to benefit you.

Support and Maintenance

We believe in client satisfaction and offer 24×7 support and maintenance to resolve your issues and attain the best operational performance.

Our Google Cloud Platform Consulting Services

GCP Cloud Computing

Our skilled and experienced consultants offer expert strategies, roadmaps, and tools to align the GCP cloud infrastructure with your business for efficient growth.

GCP Data Analytics

SoftmaxAI has expert cloud practitioners who successfully use GCP tools to provide apt data analytics solutions. Ensure seamless performance across your business operations and empower your drive for innovation.

GCP Managed Services

GCP experts at SoftmaxAI help you explore the full potential of the GCP cloud for maximum benefits enabling faster app deployments, thorough app monitoring, and timely resolution for efficient and scalable business outcomes.

GCP DevOps

Our expert GCP certified developer help you automate software release processes and focus on building and delivering applications and services more efficiently.


Our skilled GCP VertexAI developers fully utilize the potential of GCP serverless to build APIs, workflows, queues, databases, and more to eliminate operational overheads, enhance agility, and optimize costs.

GCP Cloud Migration

The comprehensive GCP cloud migration approach at SoftmaxAI- the best GCP cloud consultant, facilitates efficient cloud migration with limited downtime and assured data integrity. We have a team of talented consultants to expertly migrate your company infrastructure, workflows, and apps to the GCP cloud.

GCP Machine Learning

We have a certified team of Vertex AI Platform, Vertex AI Studio, Dialogflow, Contact Center AI, Natural Language AI, Vision AI etc., to leverage the machine tools and design custom algorithms and improve your ROI.

GCP Containerization

Our GCP-certified solutions architects offer services, including Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Run, Cloud Build, Deep Learning Containers, Knative and Cloud Deploy, to provide a flexible and scalable infrastructure for efficiently running containerized applications.


In order to facilitate effective device lifecycle management, multi-protocol communication, leveraging pre-built business apps, etc., our professionals assist you with the strategic integration of GCP services.

Tool and Technology We Use

Development case studies at SoftmaxAI

Client Reviews


SoftmaxAI’s DevOps engineers helped us optimize our Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. We were impressed with their passion for problem-solving and dedication to the clients.


Our search for an experienced and skilled AWS cloud consultant in India led us to the doors of SoftmaxAI. We are glad with the exceptional results of this partnership.


We associated with SoftmaxAI for the development of our web application for AWS cloud users and were impressed with their work ethic and passion. It was a phenomenal experience, and we wish to continue this partnership for years ahead.

    Frequently Asked

    GCP cloud consulting services enable a business to save money, optimise the cloud infrastructure and enhance performance and data security. Our team of experienced and able GCP consultants comprehend your needs and create tailored solutions to empower your businesses.

    SoftmaxAI has a team of skilled and passionate GCP consultants that offer various services including:

    • GCP Cloud Computing
    • GCP Cloud Migration
    • GCP Data Analytics
    • GCP Machine Learning
    • GCP Managed Services
    • GCP Containerization
    • GCP DevOps
    • GCP IoT
    • Serverless

    The cost of GCP consulting services varies with every project and is determined by the requirements and scope of your project. You can share your requirements and expect a quote from our team tailored to your needs and budget.