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Data Science- an interdisciplinary field that involves using scientific techniques, algorithms, processes, and systems to extract valuable information from structured and unstructured data for empowering business operations. At SoftmaxAI, we have a team of qualified data science experts that help businesses analyze and interpret complex data sets using the latest technologies and transform the insights into applications to aid the decision-makers.

Our team has assisted various businesses across industries to comprehend their needs and develop custom solutions by collecting and analyzing data, identifying patterns and trends, and creating predictive models to maximize the value of their data for development and innovation.

Our Full-Cycle Consulting Approach

Framing Goals

The team of expert data scientists at SoftmaxAI offers excellent data science consulting services by accessing your potential data value and helps you define opportunities for long-term growth using the same.

Data Collection

At SoftmaxAI, we are very passionate about our work and work diligently to help you identify the relevant data sources and store the raw data safely to extract the required information.

Locate the Required Data Sources

After locating and collecting the raw data, our skilled team audits the quality of the acquired raw data before cleaning, preparing, and loading it into data sets for further processing.

Extract Knowledge from Data

Now that the data is sorted and set to be processed, our zealous employees create high-performing data models to help you leverage the data and acquire insights for efficient business growth.

Our Data Science Consulting Services


One key component of leveraging data science consulting for your business is to design and optimize data strategies. Our experts having a thorough understanding of the technologies, guide enterprises through the process of data science and implementation for efficient growth.


At SoftmaxAI, our goal is to provide data science consulting solutions for all the data challenges faced by your business. Starting from training the data to optimizing the plan and designing the output, our skilled employees develop a complete data science processing plan that meets your customized needs.

Data Advisory Services

The data experts at SoftmaxAI help businesses in comprehending the challenges and utilizing the raw data effectively to overcome them for an effective solution. Additionally, we help them understand the importance of data debugging and cleansing to be used in an analytical approach.


Our data scientists assist businesses in creating a plan for employing data science efficiently. Additionally, we support businesses in determining which statistical and machine learning methods, as well as data sources, they should use to cater to their data requirements.

Data Science Training

The team of talented and skilled data scientists at SoftmaxAI offers expert hands-on data science training inculcating a data-first approach in our client’s business and to help them get in-depth knowledge about the concepts of data science.

Data Visualization

We expertly interact with the data using our data visualization services helping our clients leverage the real-time dash-boards and interactive reports giving them a complete view of their business operations.

Tool and Technology We Use

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Client Reviews


SoftmaxAI’s DevOps engineers helped us optimize our data and use the information to enhance our business growth and goals. Their dedication and passion for data science consulting is commendable.


Partnering with SoftmaxAI was the best decision we made for optimising and scaling our business. The experts in data science were meticulous in their tasks and impressed us with the results.


Working with SoftmaxAI helped us utilize the full potential of the hidden treasure in our heaps of data to enhance our business performance

    Frequently Asked

    Data science consulting services refer to optimally using statistical analysis and machine learning techniques to extract knowledge and insights from the data available. We offer a wide spectrum of data science services including data cleaning and preparation, data analysis and visualization, machine learning model development, and more.

    Data Science is a tool that empowers you to make informed decisions by identifying the patterns and trends in your data. It helps you improve operational efficiency, minimize costs and increase your revenue by optimizing and automating your business processes.

    We take data confidentiality very seriously and adhere to strict practices to maintain the integrity of your data. This includes using secure data storage and transfer methods, complying with relevant data privacy regulations, and implementing access controls and permissions.