Automated Question Generation System

Educational purpose AI system prepares the question bank from the given text of a paragraph. The form of input text can be extracted from image, video and speech.
Question Generation

Background and Scope

Our client is an Edtech company based in the USA. The client wanted to evolve the education system, making it trouble-free and effortless. Hence, wanted to leverage Artificial intelligence (AI) into the education system and make it simpler by creating a tool. Being the single-stop solution provider, it helps to enhance the learning skill of all age groups, creating cohere space for students, lifelong learners, teachers, etc.

The client engaged SoftmaxAI, best natural language processing company to originate a brand-new learning method using AI, Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning algorithms to enhance the question generation process.

Our approach

The objective was to develop an advanced tool in the learning method by leveraging NLP to make life easier for students, teachers, and lifetime learners.

NLP has become a new source to comprehend courses, as it can provide multiple sets of question to train the user.

To construct such an extraordinary system, we combined Computational Linguistics rule-based modeling of human language with the statistical, machine and deep learning models. This enables the computer’s ability to understand the text and spoken words by the user. The system reads the passage and generates the questions in different desired form such as fill in the blanks, true/false, MCQs and brief questioning as well. Also, the developed tool can accept the passage/text in Image, Text, Video and Audio format to generate a panel of questions.

With a very simple process, the student can get the self-assessment done. Starting with uploading the file, the system will ask to choose few keywords for the quiz and the student can proceed with answering the quiz. It is also an efficient and time saving method to prepare a question bank which can be beneficial for the learners as well as the teachers. The system gives the option to share/saved the generated sets of questions to the users.